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Re: VMs: vms discussion forum

Diego Rybski wrote:
- the  vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx  is used too intensively. Wouldn't it be
better to use a discussion forum? This would also offer search tools. Or
is the mail-traffic logged?

Instructions for reaching the archives are at the end of our home site web page, http://www.voynich.net . Every now and then (typically weekly, but no guarantees) I process and post the next blob. I haven't blocked Google from indexing it, so a lot of it is indexed there by default. If you look through it you'll see we've had several discussions on how to index it more effectively, and so far they're all a lot of effort. -- Jim Gillogly Overlithe S.R. 2004, 15:55, 5 Ix 17 Zotz, Eighth Lord of Night ______________________________________________________________________ To unsubscribe, send mail to majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxx with a body saying: unsubscribe vms-list