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RE: VMs: Re: Transcription Ramble

Elmar >>
"m" already contains the interpretation, that <iin> is to be treated as
glyph, not two or three. But what are you going to do if you find out that
isn't so? In EVA, its trivial to compose several elements to a glyph to
acommodate to any such finds, whereas in other transcription systems it's
not so
easy to _de_compose them.

	I agree, in fact I think that EVA isn't the problem it's the accuracy of
our transliterations that is in dire need of more scrutiny now that we have
clearer pictures. For one, the wierdo's of EVA might start showing up a
more regularly now that we can see that what we had thought was a given
character is actually a wierdo.

Elmar >>
Oh, I'm always game for a "what's a character" argument. (Honestly, I think
is way more interesting and perhaps even revealing than the current thread
quire rebinding... ;-) It's my gut feeling that the VM alphabet is actually
small (like 14 characters or so), but I couldn't find a proper encoding

	Well! I'm shocked. You don't find page order and rebinding the most
and progressive of discussion threads? 8-)  The only problem with the What's
character argument is that we've heard it all before and to date haven't
able to resolve it - perhaps with the clear pictures we can move forward

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