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Re: VMs: RE: Making a vms with meaning (long)

John Grove wrote:
	Although this could become a fun pastime in itself, what I don't see
in your method is repetition of VMS like words like daiin daiin -- now if
you made a rule that daiin corresponds to THE, but daiin daiin corresponds
to ELEPHANT - then you could have daiin daiin daiin meaning either THE
ELEPHANT or ELEPHANT THE.... then again, 3 daiin's could mean something
different. Quite a large dictionary could be built that way.

I don't think it's necessary to turn to so elaborate means. German for example has repetitions of its articles quite often -- a sequence like "er dachte, dass das das richtige sei" is considered bad style, but grammatically correct.

	Notice how I didn't really answer the challenge, but diverted the focus
away from the fact that I didn't have a clue how to solve your riddle?

As to solving such a code, I think you should look for words, which

*) appear often,

*) repeat often,

*) are placed at the beginnings and ends of sentences/paragraphs,

*) form characteristic sequences of two or more words.

In english, a phrase like "for example" might be a good candidate for the last issue: While "example" overall is probably not a very common word, it frequently follows one particular, fairly frequent word -- "for".

Now compare those patterns/frequencies in your plaintext language (whichever it is...) with the VM statistics... and do a lot of guesswork... et voila!


P.S.: Assuming that ciphertext words correlate to plaintext words 1:1, and in the light of the fact that the VM shows no punctuation -- wouldn't that mean that each VM paragraph is equal to one plaintext sentence? And wouldn't that in turn mean... awfully long sentences?

P.P.S.: Does this scheme explain gallows as paragraph-initial glyphs?

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