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VMs: oladabas again...

I think that the first character of the f9v writing on top of the blue (which 
looks like 'rot') is the same character as:
(for a moment think that this character is "r")

1st character in the 3 (!) words of the header in folio 116v (something like 
roxl[a|c]bcv rmon ruti(s?)fer)

1st char in "portas" (line 1, so now it would be something like 'rovta<d>'
1st char in the 3rd and 4th words in line 3: 'ral<d>ch  rbven'

It looks a bit like a "mu", but with a small left-going stroke (or a p with 
the top part open).

Strange isn't it?
This  makes me believe a bit more that the author of the drawings wrote this 
part too. What letter is this 'r'?

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