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Re: VMs: Colored paints, touch-ups, and the michiton text

Jorge Stolfi wrote:

Anyway, while the month names *may* have been written by the same person
who wrote the Voynichese text, it now looks just as possible that they
were written by a later owner.  So while those labels may give us precious
clues about the history of the VMS, we can no longer assume that their
language was the language of the VMS main author.

As you recall, the language of those labels still has not been
identified with certainty.

Several of the month names appear to be a good match with Catalan:

March:  VM = marc,  Catalan = marc (with a cedilla)
April:  VM = Catalan = abril
May: VM = maig (possibly), Catalan = maig
October: VM = octebre (with a macron on the e), Catalan = octubre
November: VM = novebre (with macron on the e), Catalan = novembre

According to my book ("Teach Yourself Catalan"), the month names in Catalan are:

gener, febrer, marc, abril, maig, juny, juliol, agost, setembre, octubre, novembre, desembre


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