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Re: Marci, was Re: VMs: Photostat Machines

Hello René,  

======= At 2004-07-07, 04:29:00 you wrote: =======

>The year can be decided from the Kinner letter to
>Kircher, and I think that the conclusion was 1666.
>Whether Marci sent the VMs as soon as he got it,
>or _intended_ to send it as soon as he got it, is
>not clear to me from the Marci letter, but we 
>know that Baresch died before 1662 (or in that

It looks like Marci parted with the manuscript only when he had serious difficulties 
with his eyesight and we cannot exclude teh possibility he tried to work out the solution too.
After all, he worked together with Kircher on some Swedish military cipher  and all those
years he knew Baresh and the VM, he was probably not idle either :-).
>The last stages or Marci's life are quite a mystery,
>as he hs been reported to  have joined the Jesuit
>order after having been at odds with the Jesuits
>most of his life, and in the later stages in
>with one Jesuit whose name was, IIRC, Oliva.
>The source for this is the 'Littera Annua' of the 
>Jesuits, for which it would be extremely interesting
>if you have Prague contacts who have access to
>such sources.

We contacted the Jesuit Order in Prague, but were told that teh archive from that time period
is not there. It was removed when they were expedited from Prague by  Emperor Joseph II
( the Order was abolished for some time by pope 1773)  and went either to Rome or Vienna.
After establishing the contact with Rome, we learned that there is no such archive.
Unfortunately, we have no contact in Vienna, maybe the gentleman from Vienna, who
wrote here some time ago can help. We are not sure  if the  archive wasn't then  mixed with
the Imperial archive in Vienna.

Also, some documents were "relocated"  by Swedish army when the war reached
Prague, but to my knowledge they were on the castle side and never crossed the river
- Clementinum is on the other side. I guess Rafal saw some documents in  Uppsala.

Nevertheless we are still trying hard,


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