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Re: VMs: Anagram generator

Great, I am Dutch now. I numbered nine languages, including Latin. All modern otherwise: English, Dutch, German, French, as well as Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish ( the producer's nation ); the anagram must have a meaning in the language chosen.
You can part your for instance two words into more...
Such tools are interesting, probably this one is not unique.
Rotje Arena

Marianna Ridderstad <marianna.ridderstad@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello All,
I found a very nice anagram generator in the web, and played with it for a while -
one easily gets e.g.
anchiton -> hancnoti, nota hinc
valscn ubrey -> cluny verbas ; ualscn ubrey -> erus ab cluny, cluny rabeus
so nim gas mich -> magisch simon
etc.... ;-)
The page is:
-steradian nadir dram-

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