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Re: VMs: Hmmmm....

On 7/12/04 6:34 PM, "Jeff" <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> So now Bill Gates owns the Voynich manuscript huh?

That would explain why most of the MrSid browsers only run on Windows
platforms... ;-P

> The Cipher Of Roger Bacon
> William Romaine Newbold
> [...snip...] The Original Voynich Manuscript Was
> Purchased Some Time Ago By Bill Gates For Around $70,000, No Doubt To Feed
> The Imagination Of His Cryptography Team. [...snip...]

At least it's nice to see that Mr. Stewart (who owns the domain) has a sense
of humor. Reading through many of the entries on the page you cite below
shows he has had a bit of fun in his descriptions playing with the old
manner of verbose title pages That Capitalize Every Word To Make Reading It
As Difficult As Possible And Emphasize Its Heavy Metaphysical Value.
Probably he wanted to see if anyone was actually reading them...

> http://www.sacredscience.com/store/commerce.cgi?product=SYMB
> With Bill on the case it should be solved in the year 3000.

You are quite the optimist!

> And his great
> great great granddaughter will be able to read it.
> Jeff

And our descendents will have to pay to view the MS., only after consenting
to an End-User Licensing Agreement.


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