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Re: VMs: Occitan months...?

On Saturday 17 July 2004 04:12, Jorge Stolfi wrote:
>   > [Nick Pelling:] Here's a nice page I put together showing all the
>   > months (from the zodiac sidfiles) in one place, with their
>   > individual strokes outlined in colour
>   > http://www.voynichinfo.com/nickpelling/months/occitan-months.html
> Great page!

Yes it is great, well done.

>   September:
>     I cannot figure out the symbol after the "s" (green stroke), but
>     it does not seem to be just an "e".  Perhaps it is two letters?

I think that after the long s (looks like an f without the horizontal stroke) 
there is a "e" which matches more or less the last "e" in "novebre" and 
"decebre" (I am not sure they have an accent, though).

So, to me, it the april label reads "aberil" both times. 

The third letter, again, to me, looks like the "funny phi" in the flower 
petals and the oladabas page. So it could be a "p" after all?

More later.

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