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Re: VMs: Occitan months...?

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

Nice indeed. I think Jean-Yves' comment should be
taken to heart. Occitan is a modern language.
We should be looking at which varieties of (Romance) languages existed in the 15th C.

There is a very handsome book on the medieval form of Occitan, _An Introduction to Old Occitan_, written by William Paden a few years ago and published by the Modern Language Association. It is very thorough and even includes a CD with spoken examples of the medieval language.

According to the introduction of that book, the term "Occitan" is a 19th century coinage - in the 17th century the language was called "Provencal" in English, while in medieval times it was referred to by its speakers as "proensal", "lemozin" or "romans" at different times. The term "lengua d'oc" may or may not refer to this language.



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