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VMs: Re: Dee and Kelly again (was RuggWatch)

	I think Phillip Neal posted some interesting
information from a book about Dee and Kelley that he
had found, and this presented evidence I hadn't heard
that Kelley had not been involved with the VMs.

The book is Michael Wilding: Raising Spirits, Making Gold and Swapping Wives. It
is a continuous narrative based on all the documentary evidence about Dee and
Kelly in Poland and Bohemia including a lot about Kelly's career as an alchemist
and knight of the Empire after Dee returned to England. Wilding shows that
various stories, including the one that Kelly had his ears cut off and that he died
falling from a tower, are unsubstantiated.

There is nothing new in it about the Voynich manuscript but it puts the story of
the 600 ducats in perspective. The only reason to think that Emperor Rudolf
bought the manuscript from Dee is that Dee came into a large sum of money
halfway through his visit to Bohemia. But the circumstances had nothing to do
with the sale of any manuscript. Dee and Kelly were suddenly rich because they
had attached themselves to the wealthy nobleman Rozmberk, and they used
their money to pay off, in public, a rival who seems to have been blackmailing them.
Furthermore, Dee kept a detailed catalogue of his books which makes no mention
of a manuscript like the Voynich manuscript but which does show that Dee never
sold books, but only bought them or occasionally gave them away.

Philip Neal

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