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VMs: Re: Hajek, was Re: RuggWatch

Rene you are a man I take my hat off too. You do the background research.
Yet history is written in riddles. It isn't what the historian says to your
face it's the things he treats lightly that have the gems. Just look at what
is now being discovered about ancient history and all the things earlier
historians wrote off. The links are all there and all the characters are
present on the stage. The answer is staring everyone in the face. It isn't a
mysterious oriental, a wayward arab or any other exotic mix. It's in the
history. You only have to dig deep enough.

The thighbone's connected to the leg bone. :-)

BTW I have seen many more connected names than Thaddeus.


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> --- Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > > This was Thaddeus Hajek. If the VMs was ever at
> > > Rudolph's court, here's the man who would have
> > > known all about it.
> > > Too bad he hasn't left any diary or memoirs :-/
> > >
> > > Cheers, Rene
> > >
> >
> > And Thaddeus Hajek is a personality that should be
> > studied far more closely.
> > :-) Wicked grin
> No wicked grin needed. This is what Brumbaugh was
> told in Prague in the 1970's by someone who knew
> exactly what he was talking about.
> I know that you must have seen his name as you
> are now interested in Kepler.
> You may have seen also that Hajek's father,
> also know as Simon Bakalar (from Baccalaureus)
> hosted Dee and Kelley and they did some of their
> sceances in Simon's house. One of Kelley's
> transmutations was witnessed at the same time by
> emperor Rudolph and Marci's father
> in law. That was (most probably) Octavio Misseroni,
> father of Dionysius, and descendant of the family
> who made jewelry for the Medici's in Milano.
> The hipbone is connected to the thighbone :-)
> Rene
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