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VMs: Archives and Googling

At Rene's suggestion I've added a Google search box for
the mailing list archives at http://www.voynich.net .
It's down at the bottom of the front page.  There's a delay
while we wait for Google to spider the collection, but then
it should be more accessible.

I also put 2001 into the right form for the archiving software.
I think I've gotten all or most of my personal Voynich corresp
out of there, but if you see anything in the archive that doesn't
belong, please let me know (privately!) and I'll pull it back out.

As I was going through 2001 I noticed that someone had said what
we *really* need is a hyperlinked archive.  Anybody have a good
idea for this, or do you know a mailing list that has been
archived this way?
	Jim Gillogly
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