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VMs: Garrison Letter

The following is a letter sent by Fielding H. Garrison to W. M. Voynich in 


                                         November 22, 1920.

Mr. Wilfrid M. de Voynich
     Aeolian Hall,
          New York, N. Y.

My dear Mr. de Voynich:

               Quite frequently I have heard of the remarkable and wonderful 
progress you have made with the Roger Bacon Ms.  Dr. Singer of Oxford, one 
of the distinguished English scholars in medical history - and a special 
protégé of Sir William Osler - is very much interested in this, and has 
written me asking if it would be possible for him to see the proofs or 
vises, as his friend, Mr. R. R. Steele, used to have that privilege.  Can 
you advise me about this matter? If you have any duplicate galleys, I need 
hardly say that I should like to look over them for you, and if you care to 
have Dr. Singer see them eventually, I could forward them to him afterward.

               With kindest regards, I am, as ever

                           Very sincerely yours,

                                          F. H. Garrison.
                                 Lt. Col., Med. Corps, U. S. Army,
                                    Acting Librarian, S. G. O.

I am grateful to the National Library of Medicine (Bethesda, Maryland) for 
providing me with a courtesy copy of this letter.




Dana Scott 
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