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Re: VMs: Voynichese as an Abugida

Hello, Kemosabe - from a chemo-savvy chemical engineer. ;-)

Koontz John E wrote:

I am wondering if anyone has looked at the Voynich ms. script as an
abugida (alphasyllabary) or abjad (consonantal script)?

I find your analysis quite interesting! (Where do the terms abugida and abjad come from, incidentally?)

From time to time I've wondered whether Voynichese word divisions are not in fact syllable divisions. This could explain the short word length for a European language.

French might be a good underlying language if this were the case, because French in its spoken form does not have clear word divisions. I estimate that French might have ~500 fairly common syllables, although that is just a guess based on Louis XIV's Royal Cipher, which operated on syllables. How would all this fit into your ideas?


PS: Here is my website on some syllabic scripts, including Sequoyah's.


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