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Re: VMs: photo finish update - was - Re: Voynichese as an Abugida

Hey Dennis,

Sorry for the delay in responding, but I've been busy giving a couple of
people a lesson in old-fashioned logic - you know the type of logic -
"KISS".  I sincerely wish that more people would look for the simple answers
first, before calling upon gods, spirits and aliens in explanation.  In my
case however, I really WAS abducted by two aliens just a week and a half
ago.  I met these two alien Ukrainian chicks, who took me back to their
room.  I musta said something wrong, 'cause they tied me to the bed and...
well, you can guess the rest of the story, anal probing and all.  The
horror!  That's just one of a couple of my alien abduction experiences I'll
remember for a lifetime.   I don't know if I'll ever be right.  Don't know
that I was right to begin with... but like most abductees, I long for the
aliens' return! :-)

Now what were we talking about? - I'm still a bit dazed by the flash-backs
of my horrible experience.  Ah yes, photofinish.

> Exactly which files did you give them for this?
> The MrSIDs themselves, full-size jpgs from Decode, or
> 4x jpgs?  And did they do the image files directly or
> indirectly from WordPad docs as you had noted to me?

My best image was obtained - this is subjective mind you - by translating
the MrSid into a very large Tiff-with TFW file, and then allowing Paint Shop
Pro to resize the image using a bilinear resample. Unfortunately their site
gives little information as to how PSP handles images in the various
resizing options, but of the options, this appeared to be the best one.

My TIF images were resized and re-interpreted for the 4800 dpi laser, then
aligned by using Microsoft Word page functions to precisely align the
opposing imagery. There may be better software out there for this, but this
is what I had on hand.  With this I get alignments from my anchor point
within .010 of an inch.  Anchor points have been established by trimming the
image down the centerline of the dark binding shadow and seeking the lowest
portion of the page in the horizontal aspect, a somewhat inaccurate
methodology, but all in all does not lend more than a few thousandths of an
inch variance if done carefully.

The resulting images are darker than they appear on-screen however, my
reason for decrying the lack of a color coordinating strip with the MrSids
imagery.  Somewhere along the line Beinecke should have given us a
registration mark of one type or another for the photo shoot, but this is
apparently lacking.

Good and bad results - perhaps the pages are really as dark as they print?
I wouldn't want to skew the images without knowing for certain.

> I plant to get a multipurpose device soon, since I'd
> like all the other functions as well.   These are now
> an excellent buy.  You can get one for ~$50 US, and I
> think a flatbed is available for ~130 US.

I saw the multi-purpose beginning around $64.  The lower end is very good at
playing up the fact that it can scan in color, while forgetting to mention
that it can't actually print or copy in color.  Be careful in your choice.
Mine lowest would have been one around $118, the first to exhibit the
necessary functions I demand of a scanner, a printer, and a copier.  I'm
still considering this, and I might even buy one, using the proceeds I make
from the garage sale where I sell all the printers I'll be buying just for
cartridge purchase.  New printers still in their boxes!  Wow, what a buy!


> If anyone wants to try ultra-high quality printing, a
> Google search turned up these links on giclée (I think
> it should be feminine, but sites vary):
> http://www.inkjetcolorsystems.com/Giclee%20and%20Photographic%20Rip.htm
> http://www.dpsmagazine.com/features/03/03_12_7-6.htm
> This site will print files for you:
> http://www.gicleeprint.net/printing.asp?pg=5
> No comment on the other things.  I haven't spent
> anywhere near the time you and Stolfi have here.
> Dennis
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