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Re: Re: VMs: positive identification


as for the sex of those four persons on f57v, we can  actually judge it only by hairdoes -  but not 
being expert on those, I cannot tell.   The person on  the right is either youngster or woman or the 
man with hair cut in the style of medieval time. The other interesting thing is why two persons are 
facing the reader and the other two are not  - and the different number of hands shown - but all 
that is probably unimportant. And yes, in our  discussion with Nick, we agreed that the  person on 
the right is holding an egg  in  his/her hand,


======= At 2004-09-02, 03:04:00 you wrote: =======

>--- Marke Fincher <markefincher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> The female figure on the left of folio 57v is my
>> girlfriend.
>> This places the creation of the VMs to the late
>> 1900's.
>> I've asked her about it but she refuses to comment,
>> which I suspect means it's true.
>> :-)
>Well, as it is our duty to kill all good theories,
>I should add to this that I just did a Google
>search for 'Fincher Marke girlfriend' and it
>did not turn up any relevant hits. Ergo, you 
>cannot have a girlfriend so this theory is wrong
>and we can all go on pursuing our own theories.
>:-)  :-) 
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