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Re: VMs: re: testing Dr. Rugg's theory of hoax

6/09/2004 7:16:00 PM, Luis Velez <luis.velez@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Gordon Rugg:
>"...the lack of pairs and triplets of words (e.g. "next to", "on top 
>of" in English) is also inconsistent with a real language, or with a 
>word-by-word coding of a real language.

We've been through that and more like it so many times... *sigh*
Let's go through it again. Knowing only English helps a lot in
holding such views. And not looking at the VMS does too.
19 occurrences of chol.daiin, the first pair that came to my 

>The lack of corrections in the 
>manuscript is also inconsistent with a real language or a code.

I won't even address that. It is too preposterous a non-sequitur
and counter-examples are a dime a dozen.

>"An example from folio 78R of the manuscript reads: qokedy qokedy dal 
>qokedy qokedy. This degree of repetition is not found in any known 

Rumahku penuh dengan buku-buku. Di mana-mana di kamar-kamarnya 
ada buku-buku. Buku-buku itu...

>yet more recently:
>"... these hints point towards Voynichese  words being `numbers' rather 
>than linguistic entities. Therefore,  the encoding is probably a 
>codebook-based cipher. (A nomenclator, is  that the term?)"
>Source:" On the VMS Word Length Distribution" (2000)

There is more recent stuff, 2002, I think, which brings back
to the natural-language hypothesis.

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