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Re: VMs: Testing Dr. Rugg's hoax theory

7/09/2004 8:26:24 AM, elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>Just out of curiosity -- what would you accept as proof that the VM (or any 
>other coded manuscript) is a hoax?

Think. A hoax has to be meaningful. For instance "The moon is made
of green cheese, little green men from Alpha Centauri told me".

On the other hand, "gaggagga poopoopidoo la-la-la" is not a hoax.
It's just gibberish.

Back to hoaxes. Consider Genesis. It's nonsense on par with
"the moon is made of green cheese." Is it a hoax? I should
think not. If I say "a UFO landed in my backyard last night"
is that a hoax? If a UFO did land in my backyard, it is not
a hoax. What now if no UFO landed in my backyard?

1. I knowingly made it up. It is a hoax.
2. I honestly believe it happened. It is not a hoax.

Take now the Codex Seraphinianus. Is it a hoax?
Think about it and tell us.

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