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Re: VMs: Testing Dr. Rugg's hoax theory

On Tue, 7 Sep 2004, ajb wrote:
> In message <Pine.LNX.4.44.0409071423490.1092-100000@xxxxxxxxxx>, Mart
> Vabar <mesinik@xxxxxx> writes
> >On Tue, 7 Sep 2004, Jacques Guy wrote:
> >> Think. A hoax has to be meaningful. For instance "The moon is made
> >> of green cheese, little green men from Alpha Centauri told me".
> >we can easily create a context, where this is not a hoax at all.
> >Take some town, where houses have names ... say, in Latin America.
> >A house named @Alpha Centauri@, where live some relatively little men.
> >In a special happy day they paint themselves green ...
> >... and tell you, the moon is made of pure green roquefort
> >______________________________________________________________________
> Hmm.. 
> More things in heaven and earth are said in jest (or something like
> that) .... There is, or used to be, a house near here of which the
> perfectly correct address is "Alpha Centauri", Bearland, Gloucester. It
> says so on the front gate. The inhabitant used to introduce himself in
> pubs as "Hi; I'm from Alpha Centauri" and was wont to appear painted
> green and with flashing antennae and a long tail which lights up at the
> end. Alas he was rather tall and I don't recall his ever telling me what
> the moon is made of; I suppose you can't have everything.....

you see ... but I like green cheese

> Anthony

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