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Re: VMs: truncated repeating sequences

--- Marke Fincher <markefincher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> However, something more interesting also came to
> light.
> There are long sequences which reoccur with a
> consistent space pattern *BUT* truncated at a
> large number of different points. 

My immediate reaction is: of course! It would
have been far stranger if they all had the same
As an example, this would mean that the
above partial sentence: "it would have" should
in all instances in the text also be followed
by 'been stranger' and never anything else.
The word paradigm of the Voynich words also
makes that 'branch'points can also frequently be
inside words.

BTW, I assume that when you say
'truncated' it means that there is actually
a different sequence of characters following it
each time.

> Two examples of the infrequent varying space
> patterns:
> aralarolkee:   ar.al.aro.lkee:1  ar.alar.olkee:1
> arolchedyqokai:  ar.ol.chedy.qokai:1 
> ar.olchedy.qok.ai:1

Perhaps it is a property of the language, but
I would not exclude the possibility that it 
involves sloppy writing by the author, or not very
accurate transcription, or a combination
of the two.

Cheers, Rene

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