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RE: VMs: truncated repeating sequences

It's worse than I feared.  These subsequences work both ways:
seq0 07466:a
seq0 02408:ai
seq0 00333:aii
seq0 00030:aiin
seq0 03220:aiin.
seq0 00082:aiin.s
seq0 00184:aiin.sh
seq0 00165:aiin.she
seq0 00009:aiin.shed
seq0 00024:aiin.shedy.
seq0 00006:aiin.shedy.qo
seq0 00002:aiin.shedy.qok
seq0 00005:aiin.shedy.qoke
seq0 00001:aiin.shedy.qokeedy.
seq0 00002:aiin.shedy.qokeedy.qo
seq0 00001:aiin.shedy.qokeedy.qote
seq0 00001:      hedy.qokeedy.qotedy.qo
seq0 00001:             keedy.qotedy.qo
seq0 00011:               edy.qotedy.qo
seq0 00003:                dy.qotedy.qo
seq0 00008:                 y.qotedy.qo
seq0 00005:                  .qotedy.qo
seq0 00043:                    otedy.qo
seq0 00011:                     tedy.qo
seq0 01388:                      edy.qo
seq0 00516:                       dy.qo
seq0 01589:                        y.qo
seq0 01613:                         .qo
seq0 00035:                          qo
seq0 19453:                           o
seq1 02222:c
seq1 05729:ch
seq1 04043:che
seq1 00024:chey
seq1 00635:chey.
seq1 00010:chey.q
seq1 00082:chey.qo
seq1 00069:chey.qok
seq1 00014:chey.qoke
seq1 00015:chey.qokee
seq1 00015:chey.qokeey.
seq1 00001:chey.qokeey.q
seq1 00001:chey.qokeey.qo
seq1 00001:chey.qokeey.qok
seq1 00001:chey.qokeey.qoke
seq1 00001:chey.qokeey.qokee
seq1 00002:  ey.qokeey.qokeed
seq1 00003:   y.qokeey.qokeed
seq1 00002:    .qokeey.qokeed
seq1 00001:     qokeey.qokeed
seq1 00004:      okeey.qokeed
seq1 00011:        eey.qokeed
seq1 00029:         ey.qokeed
seq1 00213:          y.qokeed
seq1 00062:           .qokeed
seq1 00141:             okeed
seq1 00240:              keed
seq1 00705:               eed
seq1 03509:                ed
seq1 07684:                 d
seq2 05900:d
seq2 00128:dy
seq2 04551:dy.
seq2 00040:dy.q
seq2 00754:dy.qo
seq2 01144:dy.qok
seq2 00052:dy.qokch
seq2 00004:dy.qokchd
seq2 00024:dy.qokchdy.
seq2 00003:dy.qokchdy.qo
seq2 00004:dy.qokchdy.qok
seq2 00001:dy.qokchdy.qoka
seq2 00001:dy.qokchdy.qokal.
seq2 00001:      chdy.qokal.ch
seq2 00007:        dy.qokal.ch
seq2 00017:         y.qokal.ch
seq2 00014:          .qokal.ch
seq2 00042:            okal.ch
seq2 00019:             kal.ch
seq2 00256:              al.ch
seq2 00791:               l.ch
seq2 04670:                .ch
seq2 04823:                 ch
seq2 06663:                  h
seq3 14737:e
seq3 00851:ed
seq3 00025:edy
seq3 02541:edy.
seq3 00034:edy.q
seq3 00531:edy.qo
seq3 00655:edy.qok
seq3 00125:edy.qoka
seq3 00088:edy.qokai
seq3 00001:edy.qokaii
seq3 00058:edy.qokaiin.
seq3 00001:edy.qokaiin.s
seq3 00005:edy.qokaiin.sh
seq3 00002:edy.qokaiin.she
seq3 00001:edy.qokaiin.shed
seq3 00002:edy.qokaiin.shedy.
seq3 00001:edy.qokaiin.shedy.qo
seq3 00001:edy.qokaiin.shedy.qok
seq3 00002:     okaiin.shedy.qoke
seq3 00007:       aiin.shedy.qoke
seq3 00001:        iin.shedy.qoke
seq3 00005:          n.shedy.qoke
seq3 00055:           .shedy.qoke
seq3 00029:            shedy.qoke
seq3 00137:             hedy.qoke
seq3 00270:              edy.qoke
seq3 00108:               dy.qoke
seq3 00396:                y.qoke
seq3 00350:                 .qoke
seq3 00004:                  qoke
seq3 01076:                   oke
seq3 01379:                    ke
seq3 15840:                     e
seq4 14737:e
seq4 00851:ed
seq4 00025:edy
seq4 02541:edy.
seq4 00034:edy.q
seq4 00531:edy.qo
seq4 00434:edy.qok
seq4 00360:edy.qoke
seq4 00016:edy.qoked
seq4 00001:edy.qokedy
seq4 00086:edy.qokedy.
seq4 00014:edy.qokedy.qo
seq4 00022:edy.qokedy.qok
seq4 00005:edy.qokedy.qoka
seq4 00001:edy.qokedy.qokai
seq4 00001:edy.qokedy.qokain.o
seq4 00001:       edy.qokain.ol
seq4 00003:         y.qokain.ol
seq4 00002:            okain.ol
seq4 00002:             kain.ol
seq4 00014:              ain.ol
seq4 00228:               in.ol
seq4 00120:                n.ol
seq4 01203:                 .ol
seq4 03918:                  ol
seq4 04791:                   l
seq5 14737:e
seq5 00851:ed
seq5 00025:edy
seq5 02541:edy.
seq5 00034:edy.q
seq5 01428:edy.qo
seq5 00011:edy.qop
seq5 00007:edy.qopch
seq5 00008:edy.qopche
seq5 00002:edy.qopched
seq5 00001:edy.qopchedy
seq5 00010:edy.qopchedy.
seq5 00001:edy.qopchedy.qo
seq5 00002:edy.qopchedy.qok
seq5 00001:edy.qopchedy.qoke
seq5 00001:     opchedy.qoked
seq5 00028:       chedy.qoked
seq5 00039:        hedy.qoked
seq5 00078:         edy.qoked
seq5 00024:          dy.qoked
seq5 00065:           y.qoked
seq5 00058:            .qoked
seq5 00161:              oked
seq5 00190:               ked
seq5 04278:                ed
seq5 07684:                 d
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