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Re: VMs: theory

..snip.. most..
 From: Jacques Guy <jguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 To: 7/09/2004 9:43:09 AM, elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
 >To answer that I'd have to be able to decipher it.\
 When I was a teenager, I toyed with the idea of creating my own hoax.
 Texts in Proto-Indo-European written in a Maya-looking alphabet.
 What held me back was:
 1. What medium? 
 2. Where to plant my forgeries.
 For (1) I had decided on slate.
 As for (2), that is what convinced me to put it into 
 the "too hard" basket.
 (snip..snip..snip :-))
 books (buku-buku) were cluttering every room (kamar-kamar) of
 my house (rumahku), everywhere (di mana-mana).
 >*) How could one prove the validity of Rugg's approach?
 How could one prove that the moon is made of green cheese?
all :-)

... NOW, the list is going somewhere :-)
... p.s. Jacques: bury your basket where 'construction/excavation is 
due in 1 -3 yrs' (but for WHY?) you'll be _found out_ later anyhows.
... p.s. my stone is granite! to TOUGH to be true (smiles) 
... the vms is NOT a HOAX
... Answers are not on the greedy side of this (vms) equation. 

FWIW: I thought of a mayan (leporad cult), meeting vicking (11 a.d), 
meeting N. american indian - making an egyptian pyrimad of stone to 
recall there 'meeting place' (central Denver Colorado) at a soon to be 
opend 'fast-Tract' tranny 
system (above ground transport) - HEY... THEY already DUG.. the.. HOLE 
.. Right in my neighborhood too!! didn't do it though either, 

anyway.. (this list and others), searchers have TOO MUCH 'buku-buku' 
to contend with (that is the/a forgeries'er's playground)... 

do not "SEARCHu OutwARD your frame of knowledge, but "SEARCH WithIN"

best to you & yours

steve (IT IS SIMPLER THAN YOU THINK) ekwall :-)


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