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Re: VMs: A Possible Interpretation of the Four Figures, one with an Egg

--- Nick Pelling <nickpelling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Pamela,
> At 17:12 10/09/2004 -0700, Pamela Richards wrote:
> >Eric spoke of doing some work to "clean up" these
> >images.  Do I understand you to mean that these
> >figures are not discernable in the actual document
> >because of the flower-petal pattern?  Does the
> The figures in the "flower-petal/tombstone" page are
> discernible, but only 
> just - you certainly have to look several times to
> notice they're there at 
> all (look at the sidfile!). That, coupled with the
> obvious parallels with 
> the preceding page (which has much the same
> underlying magic-circle-like 
> basic structure) makes me suspect that it was
> "jazzed up" to make the two 
> appear quite different.

They certainly aren't hidden with the strength to
imply the author was trying to hide them from serious
attempts at discerning. However, since it definitely
makes the underlying figures very hard to see, I would
say they serve a specific purpose - either to
emphasize that the figures are inside/surrounded by
whatever the scalloping represents or to
differentiate, as Nick suggests, one diagram from
another so that a casual observer would not see the
parallel between the two.

(and my current feeling on the scalloping is "hen
feather/water waves" vs "flower-petal/tombstone",
since it fits in better with male/female symbolism,
but hey, they could be just about anything :)

misc rooster/hen feather pictures...

> rather weakens this argument - I'm perhaps the
> strongest advocate of 
> necromantic content in the VMs, and I'm only
> claiming three pages (of 220+) 
> are probable magic circles, which is not an
> overwhelming number. :-/

In kicking around ideas on these figures, I found some
older postings by Nick on magic circles and did a good
deal of reading. Parallels for sure, but no ringers :(

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