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Re: VMs: question on the "highly repetitive" arguments

On Sun, 12 Sep 2004, Marzio De Biasi wrote:
> - the VM is a highly repetitive text (for example many paragraphs may
> start with "this plant can be found ...", "... it can be used to ...")
> and moreover

My understanding of "highly repetitive" is that it refers to local
repetition of words, mostly typical in length, e.g., Ruggs' example qokedy
qokedy dal qokedy qokedy (as I recall it), which has a somewhat unnatural
feel to it to anyone not used to, say Indonesian.

It would be wonderful if each plant illustration was accompanied by text
begining something like dal qokedy shol shory fachys, but I believe this
is not the case.  A pity ...

Still, I don't think I've seen much reporting on this line of
investigation - searches for similar sequences in similar contexts.  I
don't even recall much frustrated ranting about it not occurring.  I think
part of the problem is the difficulty of doing it with the materials
available to most people.  Transcription files are a bit difficult to do
this with for newbies like us, as they factor out the images and
arrangement of labels, etc., though preserving traces.

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