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RE: VMs: truncated repeating sequences

At 17.32 13/09/04, you wrote:

Me again,
Just when you thought it was safe to ignore subsequences I
generalized the concept one stage further and looked for
occurrences of ANY subsequences of the longest master
sequence I've got "aiin.shedy.qokeedy.qotedy.qo".
As you can see below, practically every possible subsequence
exists _independently_ to each other.
Just fuel for the fire... ;-)

Hi Marke, Can you post the exact algorithm you use?

You should try the algorithm replacing with @ each subsequence found at each step.

master: ..XYZW....

subseq1: ...XYZ...YZW... << these should not be good for XY and ZW
                            or X,Y,Z,W because they've been used
                            -> they should be discarded:

until the end of the search (i.e. the final 1 char search)


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