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Re: VMs: Number crunching the Fincher window

Sorry guys,  let me clarify my own use of some terms.

'master sequence'  = a line of text on a page over which the 
rectangular window moves to select sections from.

'subsequence ' = a string in the VMs text which is a subset of 
a master sequence.

The idea that the movement of the window might be a means of 
encoding a secret message is not really part of my hypothesis.

It is theoretically possible, but stretches credibility to the
limit.  Can you imagine what would be involved in trying to decode
such a system, even with a copy of the underlying text in your 
hand???   The other impracticality of such a system is that one or
two plaintext chars would be encoded as a whole sequence of coded
chars, leading to a coded text that was maybe 8x bigger than the


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