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Re: AW: VMs: Character repetition

On Wednesday 15 September 2004 14:56, Anders, Claus wrote:
> I forgot to write  the word "peak":The peak frequency of the number of
> characters between 2 spaces (".") is at a count of 6. No fractional value
> involved.Token is a cluster of VMS chars which can be mapped to plaintext
> words or syllables. Claus

That is correct and here are the other ways one can obtain it:

The modal token length distribution from the vms in eva is 

5 when counted from the spaced-separated tokens,
6 when calculated from the line length distribution, and 
5.9 from the symbol-spectral analysis correlation plot when analysing the 
space-less vms (my Cryptology paper, fig 8b). 

That is the reason why I believe that the spaces really separate the tokens.



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