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Re: AW: VMs: Character repetition

17/09/2004 2:54:44 PM, Koontz John E <John.Koontz@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Or maybe what you're actually saying, since you [Gabriel Landini] say it rather carefully,
>is that word spacing produces units similar in length to the units
>implied by spectal analysis, and simplest assumption is that the two sets
>of entities are one and the same?

Obviously. So here's an another one for Gordon Rugg: the VMS is a genome.
Since it is unique, it is probably an evolutionary dead-end. The
study of this organism (liberally sprinkled with $$$$$$) may help
us understand the Origin of Life, bring a cure to AIDS (and the
common cold), and (fill it in...). Scientific American again, or
Nature, or ... ah, The Lancet possibly. Yes, more likely. 

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