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Re: VMs: Demons, Daimones, Daemones...


I agree heartily with your statements about reading what more modern authors think of their predecessors. I think we would have a very different view of history if we spent more time reading the older source material. Too many "modern myths" have developed about history. Many of these have come about due to certain political or social ideologies that want to interpret the past for their own purposes. Others just happened, like the "flat earth myth." http://nabataea.net/flatearth.html

I found your comments on star spirits quite interesting. It has been stated that the ancient Nabataeans believed that the stars were the spirits of their dead ancestors, rather than daemonae. Their reverence for the stars and star based navigational skills grew out of wanting to be guided by their ancestors who had passed into the heavens. But alas, eventually the Persian concepts of star spirits also invaded Arabia.


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