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VMs: Repetitions (8.7k jpeg attached)

Oh, yes, I know, posting binaries is frowned upon,
but this image is only 8,922 bytes.

Take a look. How's that for repetition?

What's your diagnosis? Have I gone to the
trouble of cutting and pasting Chinese
characters to produce Rugg-style gibberish?

Not really. Grab "The Works of Mencius"
by James Legge, Dover Books, 1970, 
ISBN 0-486-22590-9, Library of Congress
Catalog Number 78-115746. Got it?
Open it at page 357 and see. There are
more such repetitions on the same page.
And of the opposite page. And the
previous page. On every single page,
in fact.

Attachment: MENC.jpg
Description: JPEG image