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Re: VMs: Re: Back from Prague

Hi Dana, Rene and all,

Dana wrote:
> Zinkovy appears to be a quaint village with a wonderful old castle 
> sale. I wonder if Baresch might at one time been somehow been
> connected to this palace?

Zinkovy is indeed a small village with a wonderful (but severely 
damaged) castle. But this castle was built in the second half of the 
17th century, i.e. too late for Bares. However, the palace was built 
on a place of a small fortress. So Bares might have had something to 
do with that fortress. Or he might have been given education by the 
monks from one of the nearby monasteries. 

It won't be easy to find any document about Baresch's origin, since 
many records went lost during the thirty-years war. I will give it a 
try, definitely. Unfortunately, I am leaving to Germany for five 
months right now, so I will do the research in spring, unless someone 
else is faster than me. :-)



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