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Re: VMs: Short string

Jacques Guy wrote:

1/10/2004 9:08:13 AM, "Brian Tawney" <btawney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Does anyone think there is any significance to the fact that you can form
about 62% of the words in the manuscript by removing letters from this


I remove 'q' and I get 'zvpschotskfhleeeodayiiiixrngmly' which does not exist.

Now, let me have a go:


Does anyone think there is any significance to the fact that you
can form about 100% of the words in Chinese by removing letters from that string?

Well, the interesting part in Brian's observation is certainly that every letter shows up only in one position in the string (though perhaps several times), ie it's not necessary to rearrange the remaining letters. This may be common for Asian languages, but certainly unexpected for Indoeuropean tongues.

It has been observed several times that there appears to be some kind of "sorting" of the letters within words, and I recon Brian highlighted this aspect in a different way. (Though 62% actually appears to be a comparatively low number. IMHO.)



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