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Re: VMs: "Zodiac" signs and Regulus

--- Pamela Richards <spirlhelix@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi, Rene
> Just checking to be sure we are talking about the
> same
> thing.  You were talking about paranatellonta.  So
> you
> are speculating that the chart says that as Regulus
> was culminating, some star at some late degree in
> Libra was rising. . .yes?

That's indeed the hypothesis.

> So, what star in Libra do you think that might have
> been?  Do you think the rising star is the star with
> a crowned nymph, or is the nymph, otherwise
> representing some unidentified star, crowned
> because Regulus is culminating?

The crowned nymph has a 7-pointed star so,
according to the hypothesis, should represent a
magnitude-3 star. This star does not have to be
in Libra, but rises with the same degree of Libra
(as Regulus culminates). The crown has been
added in honour of Regulus. Again, if you look
at the picture of the crown, it has an additional
arc with a "jewel" on top of it, which could be
interpreted as the path of the star with its
culmination point indicated.

It could also all be a big coincidence :-/

Cheers, Rene

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