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Re: Re: VMs: postmodern cryptography: Foucault, Panopticon, and Voynich MS

> For example, when reading a sentence, you are
> reading your own meaning
> into it. 

If anyone has trouble believing this point, just look
at how a simple two-word sentence such as "mission
accomplished" has been interpreted in the recent
presidential campaign.  On one side, you have Karl
Rove and the very postmodern Bush presidency spinning
uncomfortable facts into the simulation or simulacrum
of a winning (or is it won?) war.  On the Kerry side,
"mission accomplished" is interpreted as pure

And to show that I am not partisan, let me state that
as an example of Democrats using postmodern tactics in
this campaign is this silliness that Kerry "has a
plan."  Neither of the two major candidates have a
clue as to how to handle the situation in Iraq.

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