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Re: VMs: Goat vs. sheep

Zitat von Jorge Stolfi <stolfi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

>   > [Pam:]   A lack of exposure to sheep and goats simply
>   > does not match the facts of European culture. 
> I am still wondering whether that is true of sheep. They certainly
> were common in most European *countries*, but what about *regions*
> (plains vs. hills, etc.)?

Dear all,

Couldn't it simply be that the artist had no interest in details? Perhaps in his
point of view, everybody knew that Aries was supposed to be a ram, and everybody
knew what a ram would look like, so why put more effort in it than to paint a
token creature which could pass for a sheep in a fleeting glance? (And mind you,
those images are pretty small on the real vellum!)

I mean, he didn't even bother to go to lengths for anatomically correct women
(their arm gestures are... dazzling), and we may assume that he had an idea what
those looked like.


   Elmar, anatomically correct, but not politically ;-)

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