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Re: VMs: Goat vs. sheep

Zitat von Pamela Richards <spirlhelix@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi, Elmar
> ...
> The difference between a sheep and a goat in medical
> astrology would be more or less tantamount to medieval
> medical malpractice.
> ...
> The goat (Capricorn) and the sheep (Aries) are ruled
> by different planets.  

All true, except -- "Capricorn" is not a goat (as in house goat), but Ibex, a
mountain goat. The bucks are distinguished by horns of about a meter length, so
the animal depicted in the VM is still readily recognized as Aries, a ram.

If the VM artist drew a cougar in one of the zodiac vignettes, we'd still
recognize it as a lion...

> Why expose his substandard illustrations to the
> scrutiny of those who knew better?

If it's part of a scam, usign some weird illustrations rather than the
ubiquitous regular ones <yawn> for the zodiac was bound to attract more interest.

Why paint biologically impossible plants in the herbal, rather than existing

> In addition, if the illustrator were truly careless,
> we might reasonably expect to see less detail in the
> drawings, not more.  Why carefully add dew claws on
> all eight of the legs of the two goats when a lack of
> dew claws is what distinguishes a sheep anyway?

Even if it's not a hoax, I wouldn't say he "carefully" added them. I just fancy
the artist, drawing his images on a piece of vellum the size of a stamp, and
it's the wee hours. He takes a step back and notices, "Wow, my Aries looks like
a goat... bah, what the heck? Who cares?" and goes on.

I don't think we should seek too hard for meaning behind details which can be
explained with carelessness just the same. (The benign version of Hanlon's
razor... ;-)



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