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Re: VMs: Goat vs. sheep

Zitat von Pamela Richards <spirlhelix@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi, Elmar
> I think we need to distinguish between "hoax" and
> "charlatanery" here.  The VMs might be the authentic
> work of a c. 1500 con artist--do we call that a hoax? 

I used the term "hoax" in such a manner -- anything which is void of "real"
content, but is made to look like it had any, regardless of the time of creation.

> It would perhaps have value as history to some (not
> much to me--yawn.  Excuse me.).

Well, it's not really up to us to chose, hm? ;-)

> ...
> If the VMs author applied the same care to the text as
> you imagine he did the illustrations, no wonder we
> can't make progress de-encrypting it!  We really can't
> expect to see any consistency throughout.  It's
> probably gibberish.

OTOH, I also think it's possible that the VM is "serious", but that the artist
just was more interested in other aspects of the matter than an exact depiction
of the images.

I wouldn't be surprised to find NASA diagrams, showing the schematics of the
moon shots, with overly stylized representations of the moon, which clearly
don't show the real moon. This does not devalidate the diagrams in themselves.



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