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Re: VMs: Catoblepas

On 13/10/2004, at 7:04 PM, Gabriel Landini wrote:

On Wednesday 13 October 2004 01:39, Andrew Sweeney wrote:
To business: On folio 80v, in the left-hand margin, the second figure
from the top appears to be a catoblepas.

To me, it appears to be an armadillo which, I think, are original of South
America. I have the feeling that somebody mentioned armadillos before in this

Funny you should mention that. Armadillo was my second thought.


Another hint for a post-Columbus date?

No, I am not sure.

I decided an armadillo was less likely. I don't think armadilloes were known to Europe until after the European settlement of America. I'm all for a post-Columbus date for the VMS, but not that late.


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