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Re: VMs: Re: Leo Levitov questions

15/10/2004 4:23:58 AM, Andrew Sweeney <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Jumping out of a window introduces one to the effects of falling. 
>Falling is a phenomenon; it's been around since Adam.

Adam is a social construct. He was created by God, itself a
social construct. QED.

> Gravitation 

Gravitation is a social construct, as it has just been
_seminally_ demonstrated to us by... what's his name?
Another social construct, anyway.

>the theory; 

The notion of theory is a social construct. And
theories are social constructs.

>it's been around only since Newton.

Newton is a social construct. Without a mother
and a father, who were members of a social
environment, there would be no Newton. QED.

> But no matter what changes 
>are made to the theory of gravitation, we'll still experience falling. 

Don't you oppress me!!! (pers.com. Loretta, aka Stan, in Monty Python's
"Life of Brian")

>(Although when Einstein introduced relativity, it became a fact that a 
>body now fell somewhat differently than it did under Newtonian 


Andrew is a social construct. Not like Adam, more like Newton.

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