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Re: VMs: Re: Leo Levitov questions

14/10/2004 12:36:30 PM, Ronald Lorenzo <rlorenzomba@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Now you are just fucking with people.

Wot? Because I wrote:
>> Adam is a social construct. He was created by God,
>> itself a social construct.

You mean God is not a social construct? He really
exists? What is the truth of it? Oh... a social
construct, isn't it? Truth is a social construct,
remember? So God is one, whether He exists or not. 

Now, even granting that Adam is the _divine_ (not
"social") construct of God, what does that make
him if not the construct of a social construct?

Once again, admire the depth of the argument:

>Now you are just fucking with people.

There you have, in seven short plain English
words, the exact definition of postmodernist

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