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VMs: RE: zara

> Would you say that there is no random element to the construction 
> on a word-component (prefix-midfix-suffix) basis, also?

the word "qol" occurs 149 times, and is followed by 87 different 
words in total,  but 20% of the time it is followed by either "chedy"
or "shedy".   Over the whole manuscript the words "shedy" and "chedy" 
constitute only 2.5%, so 20% of 149 chances is unlikely to happen
by chance alone.   Of course these patterns fit the "meaningful text"
theories nicely, but they solidly refute any hoax theory that involves 
picking words randomly.

However, my suspicion is that there is a *character-based* relationship 
between the ending of one word and the beginning of the next.

This could indicate a grammar where similar words in concept have
similar written forms (artificial languages?), or it could indicate
a repeated process that moved chunks containing spaces to the output

With the constraints of grammar in a meaningful language there will 
be a reduced set of words that can validly follow a given word,
but knowing just the *ending* of the previous word wouldn't normally
constrain the characters that begin the next word, would it? 



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