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VMs: Violats circles (the gadget)


Only with 3 circles in this device (plase, a name for the gadget!!), and
changing the external, medium and internal disk (but only using THREE
disk at one time!), we can to repeat all Spanish words... Maybe I need
10 external, 8, medium and 6 internal disks (or more, I dont know!), but
I can repeat all... or write the particles with a type very, very little
(Times 8 point).

BUT, but, but: I can create more rare word unknows in Spanihs (or
English or Voynichese)... I need some rules, or norms, for to eliminate
this bogus words. For example I can write with red ink the irregular
verbs (root), using (writed too in red ink) whit this the corrects
irregular terminations, or I can write with blue ink some complex words,
or some other mnemotechnics rules of more complexity! (A real Lenguage
has rules, of course!: if I dont know this rules then I write like now:
a extrange and rare English!!!)

The Spanish (sorry for to dare!) is more rich in words that English (and
with verbs more difficults!) but is almost equal to rich that French or
Italian, booth Roman languages.

At the end, only doubts without answers!

I to think like Ger: ?This disks do not show anything essential about
Voynichese?, only (maybe?) a new line of thinking.

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