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Re: VMs: Cardan grille

Hello, pls correct the previous this way:
1) The cryptographer did  not find the quoted text on my page, rather  my error there :-), 
since I described   Fleissner grille working as Cardan grille.
2) Instead "seismographical", pls read  "steganographical", my speller likes to play tricks on me and offers me some weird options when I am not watching.

=======  You wrote:  
>I was just informed by one cryptographer-lecturer about one thing I did not know - 
>actually he found that on my page. You might be aware of it, but it may require further 
>study and brigs rather bad news, I quote:  
>"Cardan grill is different from  special grill called Fleissner-Wustrovitz,  where the grill is 
>designed such way it can  be rotated and eventually all  places are filled with valid 
>letters, therefore it is a kind of transposition cipher.  
>Cardan grille is a seismographical method that brakes the mutual bonds and deforms the 
>statistics. We take  say  the matrix 15x15 and  cut-out randomly not more then quarter 
>openings. The grill is then used such way that we write plaintext into the openings (in 
>forward or backward direction). It is not rotated but put away  and remaining spaces 
>are filled with nulls (random, not valid letters). That makes all statistics and cracking 
>methods useless, including bigraphs.  The solution is possible only when the same grill 
>is used many times and  the text is long enough." 
>													----
>It is my impression that Rugg is  not using the true Cardan grill, since he is just juggling 
>pre-, mid- a suffixes, not individual letters. It also brings for us very difficult point to 
>overcome: using of the true  Cardan grill  will provide the text which is 75 percent  
>"gibberish"! Such text cannot be handled by statistical nor by grammatical  methods. 
>The repetitions of signs are irregular and I wonder what can be said about Zip's laws 
>and second entropy of such text, provided that even the spaces between words ( or 
>rather "packets") are put in by random. 
>I even suspect Cardan designed his grill as "almost unbreakable" cipher and may even 
>warn its users against repeated use of it. The author of the VM could know that and use 
>different grill for each page - the key being hidden in the picture on the same page. That 
>would make solution extremely difficult, but still possible - if we find those keys :-).  On 
> the other hand, that would explain few points: the lack of  longer words, difficulties of 
>our linguists as well as cryptographers, the strangeness of the pictures, etc. 
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