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Re: VMs: More on Cardan grilles

A practical example from "http://www.rit.edu/~vxr8205/crypto2/cryptopaper.html";

----------begin quote-------------------------------
Gardan Girlle uses a sheet of cardboard where there 
are cut word-length holes.  The encoder places this 
grille on a sheet of paper and writes the secret 
message in the hoes.  Then the grille is removed 
and a letter is formed around these secret words 
to produce a nice sounding letter.  Here is a good 
example of such: [3]

    "We explore new steganographic and cryptographic 
algorithms and techniques throughout the world to 
produce wide variety and security in the electronic 
web called the Internet".

By taking out the bolded words [they don't show
in bold letters in the above copy] out of the letter, 
we get a secret message: "Explore the World Wide Web".
--------end quote------------------------------------

Conclusion? The VMs was not produced by that method.

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