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Re: VMs: CNN: Studying the VMS is among 100 "most thrilling...

--- Luis Velez <luis.velez@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>   and thought-provoking adventures that science has
> to offer."
> I suppose this makes it official: how scientifically
> fashionable it is to study the VMS. 

Quite nice indeed :-)
A few thoughts though. It talks about "deciphering
the Voynich manuscript" which is more than just
studying it. Or less, if you think that the VMs is
a hoax :-)
I also have two or three problems with
the phrase: "You've only got one life, so make the
most of it".

Doesn't seem like a very serious book, so its
positive recommendation of 'our work' may
not carry much weight, but it should be a fun read.

Cheers, Rene

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