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Re: VMs: Dee

I have uploaded the Dee books but in doing so I now find that I have no
reference to their origins. These files must belong to someone. If my
re-posting is out of order, please let me know; I will either add the
relevant attribution, acknowledgement and thanks, or else take them down

(The djvu document viewer is an excellent browser plug-in. A more
efficient web version of PDF. Free download from
I have had no problems - it seems very well behaved. Find out all about
it at www.planetdjvu.com)



In message <T4xl04FCI4uBFwO3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, ajb
<ajb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes
>The Dee book of 1909 by Fell-Smith referred to by Petr is an interesting
>one and quite readable. If anyone prefers, I have a nice (illustrated)
>pdf version which I will put on-line later this evening or tomorrow at
>likewise a copy of Halliwell's edition of Dee's Private Diaries. 1842
>(the latter in djvu format.)
>BTW, I see from today's Times that Dee's scrying glass has been stolen
>from the Science Museum. I seem to recall that this glass operated by
>virtue of its being controlled, or inhabited, by one of Dee's
>(Enochian?) angels and that it has some sort of inherent life of its
>own; therefore, if we knew the formula or spell, couldn't we ask it
>directly where it is now and who stole it?


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