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Re: VMs: O.T.: The Indus Script--Write or Wrong? (Science)

On Fri, 17 Dec 2004 20:50:25 +1000, Jacques Guy
<jguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>17/12/2004 12:57:24 AM, Wdimitr@xxxxxxx wrote:
>Can't access it. Not public.

Doesn't really matter what journalists make of it.  The
paper itself is available at:

http://www.safarmer.com/fsw2.pdf or
http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~witzel/mwpage.htm (fsw2.pdf) or

I haven't read it yet, but based on previous papers by
Farmer and Witzel, it's definitely not bullshit.  I'm nearly
convinced that Farmer is right, and that the Indus Script
signs have more in common with e.g. medieval heraldics than
with true writing.

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal
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