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VMs: The Gibberish Movement

	Crap sells - look at all those tabloids that people keep buying. Rugg and
these guys have simply managed to start a Gibberish Movement in scientific
and linguistic circles to boost the lagging sales of what may have once been
quality publications. The publishers lap this up because it is controversial
and because they expect the insulted communities to respond with more
material for them to publish.

	Controversy can be seen as 'freedom of expression'. Everyone has a right to
publish crap that isn't based on anything more than speculation about why
nobody has yet figured out the puzzles. Hieroglyphics were 'meaningless' for
a very long time as well and plenty of medieval Ruggs & Company would have
existed along the way to denounce the Egyptian civilization as being
literate as well.

	This approach to 'solving' problems can certainly get names in the papers
and get communities of interest a little riled up without making much of a

	It's all gibberish. Anything that can't be understood by the modern
researcher must be gibberish - now to prove it, all I have to do is say:
'This stuff is gibberish.'

Oh.. some supporting 'evidence'
- well, there are very few artefacts to prove it was a language - so it
can't be.
- the character sets don't seem to translate into anything anyone can really
decipher, especially
if we can't all agree on how many characters there are. - so they can't
equate to 'text-based' characters.
- let's toss in 'magic' because readers like that word. They script is
probably just sporadic/random
supposedly magical characters to support a hoax or because society believed
the symbols would protect them.
- The Indus Gibberish Movement didn't follow Rugg's approach to show how
they could create garbled
nonsense by randomly writing down symbols that appear on other fragments and
declaring 'Voila - I have proven
how this is Gibberish'.
- Lastly, I publish this in an 'academically' driven media and it is
suddenly accepted as worthy of consideration. Hmmm... I can't read it,
therefore it doesn't exist.


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Hi everyone,

IMHO the simplest possible Indus hypothesis would be that the script is
simply a set of competing numbering systems. Please excuse my ignorance,
but has this been tested?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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