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Re: VMs: Re: British Library [re-sent, sorry!]

Excellent point, IMHO. At VMS times, the "Secret of Eternal Life"
was a serious affair...and New Ages themes were bullshit.
If VMS really was in Rudolf's hands, it was depicted to him and to his experts
as dealing with the former subject, I assume.
Id est, I fully recognize this to be an assumption of mine. The point you made
is: Who cares nowadays? And here I fully agree, this is probably a or the major
obstacle to the real solution of the riddle.
And here again, you are perhaps on the contrary being a bit optimisitc in adding that you trust
people having a clear view of the differences between the above - which is anyway a non
fiction event, if it occured - and some fiction build ups you are very cleatherly mentionning.

Dennis <tsalagi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I doubt that people would take The Secret of Eternal Life
seriously these days. I do think that New Age themes would
work quite well, though. The Bible Code and the Da Vinci
Code have sold well. I am wondering whether the bookstores
will stock Kennedy and Churchill's book alongside "The Da
Vinci Code" and "Holy Blood, Holy Grail".

... (I trust everyone knows which of this to take
seriously, after all.) ;-)


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